The Organising Committee is a blend of many different organisations sharing a common
passion for education and digital innovation
Our common mission is to bridge the gap between education and technology.

The organising committee

AI for Education Awards team organising
The committee consists of (from left to right on the picture) Louis Wouters, Steven Ronsijn, Nassim Benoussaid, Lieselot Declercq, Anicet Touré and Koen Verlaeckt (not pictured).

AI 4 Education (Belgium’s 40 under 40)

This group of four young leaders, brought together by Belgium’s 40 under 40 program, decided to join forces on the project ‘AI 4 Education’. They are determined to help bridge the gap between new AI technologies and educators in Belgium. More on Belgium’s 40 under 40.

d-teach online school IVZW

Belgium’s first online school is an international not-for-profit, which provides personalised online learning to expats worldwide. More on d-teach.

Our Innovative Approach to AI Recognition

Bottom-up approach

There is no one better placed to prepare education for its future than the teachers themselves. By putting the initiatives of teachers and supporting organisations in the spotlight, we want them to serve as role models for their colleagues.

Personalised Evaluation

We believe in a personalized approach to evaluating AI submissions, ensuring each entry is carefully considered and appreciated for its unique contributions.

Community Engagement

Our emphasis on fostering a vibrant community of AI education advocates drives our commitment to creating a dynamic platform for sharing and learning.

Our Awesome Sponsors

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